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Horseback riding and Adult Ballet


Do you have one? Do you think they’re a waste of time? Could you be doing something “productive” instead?

I recently started a new endeavor: horseback riding! And I absolutely LOVE it!!! The focus, the animal-connection, the FULL-presence required!

I tend to shy away from “hobbies” due to my strong type-A personality. I like to be productive, I am extremely busy, there’s always something else more important to do…you know the feeling.

But I stopped over-analyzing and jumped in to horseback riding, something I always wanted to do as a child but never got to due to lack of Nature (grew up in Manhattan), time (busy with ballet), finances (parents spent it all on ballet)…you know.

All week I look forward to my next lesson. During that hour, I completely lose track of time, I completely forget about text messages and emails I need to write, I’m just present with my body (and all the muscles I need to engage!), nature, and the magnificent horse!

Taking horseback riding lessons makes me think of all the people I’ve taught over the years in adult beginner ballet classes in Singapore, New York City, Hawaii, Texas, and California. To me, dancing can never really be a hobby- there’s just too much lingering from a lifetime of striving, training, performing, etc. But for so many countless people I’ve taught, that’s exactly what it is- a rewarding hobby. They will never be professional dancers, and they certainly are not aspiring to that level. They are simply enjoying an art form where they can move their body, get some exercise, and listen to beautiful music! In my personal opinion, both ballet and horseback riding are just so much more fulfilling than going to the gym! Might as well dance for your workout!

What hobbies do YOU love to do?!


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