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#DanceYourSpirit 🌟

What comes to mind when you hear the phrase dance your spirit?

Do you see yourself surrounded by beautiful Nature, moving freely while fresh, salty ocean air enlivens all of your cells? Do you imagine yourself running, skipping, and leaping without any inhibitions, like you did as a child? Or maybe you're not sure what that phrase even means and you’re starting to think I’m a little nuts 🤷‍♀️.

This week, RammDance is celebrating what “dancing your spirit” means to you! Because at the core of the RammDance philosophy is a connection and inner alignment to your inner Truth/Spirit/Spark/Zing/Ding (or whatever word invokes that feeling of YOU getting to shine through).

All week on Instagram, we're posting photos and stories of what #DanceYourSpirit means to us…and we want to hear from YOU! So…here’s what we’re asking you to do:

Post a photo expressing yourself through movement, whether it be from a past performance, class, or a beautiful spot outside. Show us how you dance your spirit, even during these trying times! YOU embodying your truth has the power to uplift someone else….

Post to your Instagram story or feed, tag us @rammdance , and use our hashtag #DanceYourSpirit to participate and be featured on our page!

Our online festivities will run from Sunday, July 26 to Saturday, August 1, but be sure to follow us now to stay updated!

You can find us with the Instagram handle @rammdance or by following this link:


Here’s to your beautiful Spirit!,

Courtney & the RammDance team


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