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Fall 2022 Dance Classes 
*Class size is limited! *Register by emailing
Dance students lullaby

Classes offered for children ages 3-12 on Mondays and Fridays

Orinda and Walnut Creek locations

Creative Ballet for ages 4-10 years.

Mondays 4pm (55 minutes) 

Class description: An engaging, creative dance class for children ages  4-10.

We will start our class with the Brain Dance, a full-body brain exercise based on developmental movement patterns. Students will learn basic ballet principles with an imaginative approach followed by learning choreography for our upcoming winter performance.

Creative Movement for ages 3-6

Fridays 2pm (50 minutes)

Class description: Walking, running, skipping, leaping…! Dancing is every child’s birthright, and in this class we explore natural movements as part of a holistic creative movement class, utilizing themes from Nature. In addition to developing musicality and coordination, children will have their imagination fully engaged as we embark on an exciting new creative dance adventure each class.

Creative Ballet for ages 7-12

Fridays 3pm (60 minutes)

Class description: Ballet technique is the foundation of all dance forms. Using a creative approach, ballet stimulates brain function and development. In this class students learn and practice the art of ballet in addition to learning choreography skills to create their own dances!

For class details including tuition, location, dress code, etc. please email


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