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The Creative Act of Birth

My underwater maternity photoshoot in Hawaii

As my baby boy is soon turning one year old, I reflect back to how different my life was one year ago, when everything was put on hold as I awaited his birth:

There’s nothing more creative in the whole Universe than giving birth to new life,” my Mom told me when I was 9+ months pregnant, frustrated that life as a dancer had to go on hold while my belly was growing noticeably bigger by the day.

Two pregnancies back-to-back meant that I pretty much was pregnant for two years straight: 9+ months, a few months to recover and than nearly 10 more months as I awaited baby #2 (he’s took his time).

Don’t get me wrong–I was incredibly excited and eagerly anticipating my precious baby boy, but also acutely aware of how my creative life (at least in terms of dancing) had to pretty much come to a halt while all my attention and focus went inward to prepare for giving birth.

Mom reminded me often, whenever I got into a slump about my lack of recent accomplishments in the outward world, “Having a baby is the ultimate act of creation! You can’t get any more creative than that!”

In the moment, Mom’s words only further frustrated me immensely (sorry, Mom). But looking back a year later, I can see how what she said was true, and I have to say Mom, that you were right when you told me, “Nothing trumps the creative energy of having a baby.”

In a future post, I will share more details about how giving birth to my son at home in water–as a newly single mom–truly transformed me, in the most positive and empowering ways. In the meantime, know that if your life is "on hold" as mine was for nearly 2 years, and you're stuck in the figurative chrysalis before the butterfly emerges anew, know that chances are good that it will all be worth it in the end, when your creative energy is finally manifest into form :0)


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