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"Cancelled" to CREATIVE

Back when I started my second semester of grad school at New York University in January, I embarked on a project of choreographing a piece for the Masters Dance Concert at NYU. This piece was something I had really put my heart into, and so the abrupt stop of the rehearsal process and subsequent cancellation due to COVID-19 came as a real shock and disappointment. Obviously, in the grand scheme of things, a weekend of dance performances is quite a small thing… but still, perhaps because I had conceived of this piece for many months prior, it was hard for me to accept that the world had come to a forced pause.

Since choreographing for this concert was actually part of a course I was enrolled in as part of my degree, we were asked to make a video version of our piece. I had only a handful of i-phone videos from the first rehearsals but did my best to still get the message of the piece across through this works-in-progress video. And you’ll even see my little kiddos make a few special appearances…I added them as honorary members of the cast :0)

My hope is that although unfinished, this dance work filled with both movement and spoken word will inspire you!

Wishing you a wonderful weekend!



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